Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We've been featured!

Our item CSM 3 - Disco Diva has been featured by BFF . Thankss a million =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

STEAL this?


CMS 1- La Bohemia
RM 35

Your Boho dress, pair this with skinny and clincher, get your Boho look!

CSM 2 - ZARA Country Girl Dress
RM 65

ZARA, 100% cotton material.
You'd love the wild flower prints.
Wear this at your tea-party with matching fedora, maybe?

CMS 3- Disco Diva
RM 18

During the day : Grab your half top cardigan, with leggings/skinny and you can hit the office with bright confidence, or even to class!

At night : Lose the cardi and you'll look as chic as a disco diva!

CMS 4- MESSAGE Boho leafy top
RM 45

Pair it with a black clincher and you're not only looking green, but you're definitely a head turner

Need not to worry, for you who wears scarf, pair this with a skinny and a clincher. you'll be looking greenly sweet :)

CSM 5 - La Paradise
RM 38

Wear this to the evening party, to the beach or even when you're on your roadtrip. It's 100% cotton with pretty wild flowers pattern.

CSM 6 - Monsoon Wave
RM 35

A must have tube dress in every girl's closet.
Throw your boyfriends blazer on and skinny/leggings for a more formal look

CSM 7 - Floral Wave
RM 35

Free size

Cute lil flowers printed all over. Stretchable and it's chifon, so comfy!
Dolled up with this lil dress, a red belt on the waist could brighten up the look.

CMS 8 - Daisies Paradise
RM 42

Free size

100 % cotton maxi dress with lining inside.
Can be a beach wear or your casual outing dress.
Simply put on your half top cardi or your bf's blazer to switch for sophisticated look

CSM 9 - La Senorita
RM 20

A checkered dress with two cute front pockets,
as cute as buttons! Such a preppy look.

CSM 10 - Ethnic Black
Nichii black top with pretty lace at the neckline.

RM 30
Size : S (can fit M)

A must have for every girl's closet.
Can be worn to office with sleek slack.
Pair with skinny for casual outings with the girls!
Love this!

CSM 11 - Plain Jane
RM 20

Size : S/M

Simple green top for your casual outings!!
Addition to the 'must have' on your list.

CSM 12 - ZARA Red Collar Shirt
RM 30
Size : S (fits M also)

Simple red collar shirt with white lining inside.
Magical, a one piece that looks like two pieces!

Thanks to our darling Yelena

CSM 13 - Royal Crown T-shirt
RM 20
Free size

Long body hugged shirt, pair it with skinny and u're good to go!
Thanks to our darling Farha

CSM 14 - Lovey hoodey
RM 28

A simple hoodey that is not only stylish but comfortable. Serve its purpose, definitely!
Thanks to our darling Eric

CSM 15 - Authentic DKNY Baby Tee
RM 38
Size S/M

It's simple yet chic. The V neckline is to die for! Bought it in US!

CSM 16 - Green long sleeve
RM 20

Need a long sleeve for your outdoor activities? Jungle trekking, anyone?

CSM 17 - Navy Blue Wool Long Sleeve
RM 25

I'ts wool and it's simple. A top for a lazy late night movie with the girls, maybe?

CSM 18 - Wonder Woman Baby Tee
RM 35

Remember those lazy days when u wish u don't have to put a makeup on your face?

Put on this super cute Wonder Woman baby tee, pair of skinny, big celeb glasses, a beanie, and you can hit the town and be the happiest clown!

CSM 19 - Perfect stripe
RM 14

Thanks to our darling Natalie

CSM 20 - Autumn in Japan
RM 14

Its wool, another one piece that looks like two pieces.
Thanks to our darling Masliyana

CSM 21 - Stripey Evidence
RM 30

This is an off shoulder top. Horizontal stripe is so IN.
Comfortable wear for shopping spree with the girls.
Pair it with black skinny, gladiator sandal and a sling bag, maybe?

CSM 22 - Lady Boss shirt
RM 25

Black is everGREEN. Wear it to the office, to class, to the mall even.
Pair it with skinny or slack, depending on the occasion.
Such a STEAL!

CSM 23 - Marble-like necklace
RM 15

Those marbles are like candies! CUTE :)

CSM 24 - Mr Boyfie's Shirt
RM 35

Oversized bf shirt for another lazy weekend,pair with black leggings and you're on the GO!

All the collared shirt below are for grab at only RM 10!

CSM 25 - NICOLE orange :)

CSM 26 - PDI pink :)

CSM 27 - PDI grey :)


CSM 28 - Esprit Brownie's Cargo
UK 10
RM 40

Such a good quality material, can be worn for your trekking activities or to your dance classse even!

CSM 29 - Faded jeans
Size : 28
RM 40

Straight cut jeans, stretchable and comfortable!

CSM 30 - Threequarter pants
UK 8
RM 25

The lazy-Sunday wear!

CSM 31 - Sexy mini
Size L - 33'
RM 25

Ouh, the cutest little thing! Pair it with plain top and ankle boots.

CSM 32 - Marilyn mini
Free size (stretchable)
RM 30

Pair this with a white top, and you are all dolled up!

CSM 33 - Threequarter denim
Size M - 29'
RM 35

Definitely a must have, wear this with any top. You could never go wrong with it!

CSM 34 - Levi's Straight cut (Eve)
Size : 29 - 30
RM 65

Another hot deal, a must have as we're letting this go more thn half of its roiginal price. Its brand new!
Thanks to our darling Nor Izzah

CSM 35 - Zara Grey
Straight cut
UK 38
RM 65
Thanks to our darling Jeeja

Sunday, July 26, 2009

more and more!

prices are negotiable!enjoy shopping!

NG 1
a colourful top that you can wear everywhere,office,mall,cafe,anywhere!it's so versatile.and it's cheap.
status : available

NG 2
a perfect dress for your get away!
status : available

NG 3
a cute shirt with delicate embroideries.perfect for your ideal workdays.
status : available

NG 4
the colour is so sexy and the neckline gives you more confidence than ever!it's very very affordable!
status : available

NG 5
this is my favourite one!it can be your halter dress and also your tube can wear it with legging or without legging,with or without cardigans!show what you got babe!
status : available

NG 6
a very pretty's sweet and it's perfect for a gives you the girl next door can also be worn for a casual hang out or match it with a short pants and you are ready to hit the club!
status : available