Friday, April 9, 2010

Costa Blanca Shoes!

this is Costa Blanca shoes!i bought it for $70 dollar which is actually RM222 when converted! but I am selling it for less than half price people! just because I wore it ONCE! yup just once, but I am letting it go cause I got myself a new killer heels. Will let that one go as well when I find another love. Heh :)

It's size is 6 and 1/2.suitable for people who sometimes wear six and sometimes wear seven.cause i wear six and sometimes seven.but most of the time,six and six and a half.

so who wants this shoes just for RM80!not including the postage of course.
who wants to know more about the postage fee and the total price,please email me at


i love this shoeeeeee so much I swear you gonna love it,it is so comfortable.that's what happens when you buy something with good quality even with slightly higher price,you can wear it for years and it doesnt hurt your feet,that's the best part!

I wore it to an event in Canada,and everybody asked me where did i get the shoe,they're ah-mazing!and i could stand throughout the event until the very last minute without feeling even 1% of pain!

trust me.